The Valve Index headset will officially usher in VR 2.0 hardware on June 28 – TechRadar

After accidentally leaking images of the headset last month, Valve has just officially announced how much the new Valve Index VR headset will cost and when it’ll go on sale. Per the software juggernaut, it will be available in a bundle with the new controller… [+2477 maduro]

Emperor Akihito Abdicates, and a New Era Arrives in Japan – The New York Times

In his brief address, with Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife, Masako, standing to the side just off the stage, the departing emperor said he had prayed that the new era would be peaceful and fruitful. At the end of the ceremony, Akihito, now emperor emeritu… [+1202 PravdaZaDavida]