Michael Avenatti indicted on 36 federal charges, including embezzling from clients – Vox.com

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti is in legal hot water yet again, this time facing perhaps his most serious criminal charges yet: a 36-count federal indictment alleging that he stole millions of dollars from his clients, skirted taxes, and committed wire f… [+7168 StoneBridge]

The National Enquirer is up for sale after Jeff Bezos scandal – Fox Business

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has revealed emails sent to him by the National Enquirer, owned by American Media, which threatened to release highly personal nude photos if he didnt call off an investigation into the publisher. Trial attorney Misty Marris with more. T… [+2078 StoneBridge]

Ben Gurion Arrivals/Departures Board Lists Tonight’s Moon Landing – The Jewish Press – JewishPress.com

Turns out someone has a sense of humor at Ben Gurion International. According to our friend Paula Stern, or, actually, her daughter who happened to be there on Thursday, the Israeli aircraft Beresheet’s landing on the moon’s surface was listed there, right be… [+166 StoneBridge]

Ketamine May Have Dual Role In Depression Relief : Shots – Health News – NPR

The anesthetic ketamine can relieve depression in hours and keep it at bay for a week or more. Now scientists have found hints about how ketamine works in the brain. In mice, the drug appears to quickly improve the functioning of certain brain circuits involv… [+4283 StoneBridge]

With Brexit Delayed, British Businesses Say: Enough Already – The New York Times

An extension to the negotiations comes with costs and uncertainty, Josh Hardie, the deputy director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, said in an interview. Businesses place their bets on other countries if Britain is no longer perceived as a g… [+1433 StoneBridge]